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Here's how to make expensive restaurants inexpensive

Posted by Rachel Lewis Curry on Oct 27, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Great food cooked well requires time or money or both. After a long day at work, the thought of chopping, dicing, par-boiling, and roasting isn’t exactly appealing day-in, day-out, no matter how much we love great food.

For the sake of convenience, we often compromise quality and even our health with pre-packaged food or take away meals. For a food lover, it’s practically soul destroying! Either that, or we break the bank eating-out at quality restaurants. But there’s a new way to get great food that’s convenient, delicious and inexpensive.

diverse-friends-together-in-the-restaurant-PY78KMWThe Lovvett food app gives you savings of over 50% off on participating restaurants in your area. And not just chain restaurants, even trendy independent eateries are involved. Put simply, Lovvett connects food lovers looking for a great deal with restaurants that have made surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Read on to find out how it works and how you can get incredible deals on both expensive and inexpensive restaurants near you.


How does Lovvett work?

To understand how restaurants are in a position to offer such great deals, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a restauranteur.


For The Restaurateur

Imagine your name is Roberto and you run an Italian/Asian fusion kitchen in Coconut Grove, Miami. Your best selling dish is your slow-roasted venison dumplings. They’re amazing, they’re melt-in-the-mouth and people come from all over to try them.

There’s one problem though...they take an age to make. So what do you do? You pre-prepare a load of them. Since each day is unpredictable in the restaurant business, there are inevitably days when you make too many.

What happens to your leftover dumplings? Since you run a quality restaurant you want everything to be fresh for your customers. Until now your only option has been to throw them away. Your effort, your time, your expensive ingredients discarded in the trash. What a waste.

With Lovvett, you, Roberto, can announce your leftovers to food lovers in your city and sell them through the app at a bargain price to people who will appreciate your work. You make money on food that you would otherwise have to waste and someone else gets to enjoy your dumplings and rave about them to their friends. Win, win.


For The Consumer

So now you understand what’s in it for the restaurants, we can leave Roberto in Coconut Grove and talk about how it works for you, the consumer.

  • Download the app

  • Search for expensive and inexpensive restaurants near you that are enrolled, for your favorite food type, or even filter for your diet type.

  • Find a great deal

  • Buy it securely through the app

  • Go to the restaurant and show your in-app receipt

  • Collect your food

  • Enjoy!

Instead of quickly preparing a prepackaged meal, or ordering a takeaway, or half-heartedly rustling something up mid-week, you can get professionally prepared, quality food inexpensively.


Your bargain meal helps your community

Running a small restaurant business isn’t easy. Think of all those great, inexpensive restaurants or street food trucks that have been and gone in your city. Independently run restaurants run on razor-thin margins, and even great restaurants struggle to make a profit.

By buying up their surplus food, you are helping your favorite restaurants stay afloat. Supporting local, smaller restaurants in this way helps keep the food scene in your city unique and exciting.

Not only that but you’re helping the planet by reducing food waste...


Key facts about food waste

Did you know:


Who is involved with Lovvett?

It’s not just restaurants that are involved, different types of businesses selling perishable goods are also signing up.

  • Bakeries need to keep their produce fresh on a daily basis and regularly have to discard perfectly good bread and pastries. Cafe’s have a similar problem.

  • Greengrocers discard plenty of fresh produce just because they know that their consumers won’t want to buy imperfect-looking fruit and vegetables that are misshapen or have blemishes on them.

  • Even florists have to chuck beautiful flowers when they’re in full bloom.

Lovvett also attracts newly opened businesses, since they struggle to balance supply and demand and are particularly interested in mitigating losses. That’s great news for Lovvett app users as it’s another way to find new restaurants no one’s heard of before. As a Lovvett user, you can scout out newly opened restaurants in your area, sample their food and discover the hottest new places to go and visit with your friends.

Lovvett users are foodies at the forefront of a pioneering way to explore eateries, support local businesses and reduce food waste. The food waste revolution is afoot, and users who sign up to Lovvett now get privileged access to their pioneers’ program.

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How are people using it?

Now you have a whole new avenue of getting delicious food at great value, here are a few suggestions on you can make the most of your new discovery:

  • Lovvett is an inexpensive way to eat day-to-day that requires very little time and preparation. If you’re tired after a hard day at work, find a participating restaurant on your route home. You can find a healthier alternative to fast food, takeaways, or pre-packaged microwavable dinners.

  • No time to prepare a decent lunch? You can swing by an inexpensive restaurant near you on your break.

  • Bakeries are an excellent breakfast choice - they usually have surplus food at the end of the day grab it on your way home, then in the morning you have... pastries! Living the dream.

  • Invite friends round for an alternative take away by buying from expensive restaurants at under half price

  • Invited to a pot-luck dinner but don’t have time (or the know-how) to prepare anything? Impress your friends with a purchase from a participating Lovvett restaurant. If you’re feeling sneaky, use your own Tupperware and pass it off as your own… we won’t tell.


How to refresh and reheat your food

Once you’ve collected your Lovvett deal, you’ll want to freshen it up like a pro so as not to compromise the quality of your steal-of-a-meal. If it’s a small restaurant you might be able to ask the chef how they recommend reheating it, a good idea of you’ve chosen something exotic. For most meals, however, it’s pretty simple.

We’ll walk you through the different options for reheating and refreshing.



Ovens are great for reheating meat and seafood dishes, but it can be quite drying, so if there is an accompanying gravy-like sauce, drizzle it on before you put it in the oven to reheat.

Pastries and breads also feel fresher after a stint in the oven. The grill works well with pastries, but be careful not to burn sugar-coated pastries.

To refresh bread, sprinkle a few drops of water along the length of the bread with your fingers, but be careful not to douse it! No one likes soggy bread, so start with less and add more if needed. Wrap it in aluminum foil and bake in the oven for 5-10 mins.

Pizzas and pies are also best refreshed in the oven.



The microwave is a no-go for breads, pastries, and pizzas, or anything intended to be crunchy or crispy.

Microwaves work well with pasta, rice and noodle dishes. They work well with foods with high water content, such as soups, stews, and casseroles.

Make sure to cover any food you are cooking loosely with a damp cloth, Tupperware lid or cling film, making sure to leave gaps for the steam to escape. This will prevent the food from drying out. And obviously, never put metal in the microwave.



If you haven’t got a microwave, reheating your soups, stews, and casseroles in a pot is the next best thing. Just make sure you regularly stir to prevent the food from catching at the bottom.

Rice, pasta and noodle dishes with lots of sauce also reheat well in a pot, but make sure to add a dash of water to prevent the food from burning at the bottom of the pan.

You can reheat meat in a skillet, this method works best with fillets, but generally reheating in the oven is the best option for meat. If you do choose to use a skillet, drizzle a little oil in first, and keep the flame low so that the meat heats through without burning at the surface. Make sure to turn it over a few times.


In summary

The Lovvett app is an exciting new avenue that enables foodies to eat great food every day in a way that is incredibly affordable and convenient.

Small, independently run businesses also benefit, which is even better news for food lovers who love variety and unique food cooked with love.

The planet is also a benefactor! Food waste is currently contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and wasting precious resources, such as fresh water. By intervening, Lovvett users are helping to reduce the impact of our (woefully inefficient) food supply system.

With the right techniques for refreshing and reheating meals, there’s no reason why quality should be compromised when buying delicious food that would otherwise have been discarded.


Join the Lovvett app

You can immediately start enjoying the benefits and pay over half price on your next meal by downloading the app now.

Find out which restaurants are already involved, and join Lovvett’s pioneers program to get extra benefits and help expand Lovvett in your city.